Juliet Morgan

Inner Light Flower Essences

Flower essences are an energetic healing therapy.  They are a most gentle and subtle remedy and generally cause no adverse reactions. While they can be used to treat physical symptoms, they are much more powerful as agents which address the underlying emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances that manifest as physical symptoms.

Much like homeopathy, flower essences work under the principle that less is more. Unlike herbal tinctures, which can be quite strong, flower essences are nothing more than the energy of flowers infused in living spring water and activated by the sun.

I create my essences from flowers obtained from local plants, many of which are native to this region. I use fresh local spring water -- the same living water that feeds Austin's beloved Barton Springs. As a preservative, I use local handcrafted apple brandy or local handcrafted vodka. As an alternative to alcohol, I can also use organic apple cider vinegar.

Each flower essence has a very unique energy which addresses specific and individual imbalances. Flower essences can be combined to create custom remedies; however, it is recommended to start with one remedy and gradually add others, as needed.

When choosing a remedy, you can ask yourself what qualities you need to feel more balanced. If you're not sure what you need to achieve greater balance, you can message me and we can dialogue about how you're feeling and what sorts of challenges you may be experiencing. Another method of choosing a remedy might be to simply scroll through the images I have posted of each flower and see if one catches your eye or if you feel drawn to a particular one. In the comments under each photo I have listed a few of the major imbalances or symptom the flower essences address.

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